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śatāyu vajra dēhāyā

  /  Shloka  /  śatāyu vajra dēhāyā

śatāyu vajra dēhāyā


Recite this shloka before taking Ugadi pacchadi. Don’t know what is Ugadi pacchadi – well, let’s learn about it first by reading these two pages:

(1) Ugadi Festival:

(2) How to make Ugadi pacchadi:



Ugadi Pachadi - Andhra Delicacy Reflecting Different Flavors Of Life - Indian food recipes - Food and cooking blogशतायु वज्र देहाया

सर्व सम्पत करायचा  |

सर्वारिष्ट विनाशया

निम्बकम दल भक्षणम ||


śatāyu vajra dēhāyā

sarva sampata karāyacā |

sarvāriṣṭa vināśayā ni

mbakama dala bhakṣaṇama ||




Attain long life, a healthy body, gain wealth, destroy negativity and consume the Neem leaves.