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Bala Dainandini

An Inspirational Daily Planner for Hindu Children


Bala Dainandini is coming back in 2021!!!. Hindu calendar, dates, festivals are a huge part of the Hindu tradition. Preserving and practicing the knowledge is one of the core values of the Balagokulam shakhas. Bala Dainandini is a value add-in effort in that direction.


What exactly is Bala Dainandini?

Bala Dainandini is a wall calendar and follows the Hindu new year from Ugadi to Ugadi. So, for this year, it starts with April 2021 and goes until March 2022. 

This calendar is designed specifically for children! Each month, they can explore more about festivals in that particular month, understand various aspects of a Hindu calendar, and learn some shlokas and subhaashitams. It also allows a child to keep track of activities on a daily and weekly basis as well!


What’s more in the Bala Dainandini?

The theme for the 2021 calendar is “Hindu Calendar”. Yes! It explains the evolution of calendars to Nakshatras and everything in between for children (well, adults too). The top page of each month will have content on a specific aspect of Hindu calendar based on the main theme of the year, information about festivals in that month, a subhashitam and an amrutvachan. Bottom page of each month will be a monthly calendar. At first glance, it looks like an everyday calendar, but it offers MUCH MORE for children to learn, understand and appreciate the Hinduway of the calendar.

  • Each day has tithi mentioned
  • Each day has a picture waxing and waning moon phase from Amavasya to Purnima for them to easily understand the concept of tithi and lunar month
  • Each day has check boxes to track daily activities
  • Every month lists some of daily activities for children to practice Hindu way of life
  • Children can add their own custom activities to keep track of
  • Each day also includes a STAR to color important family/friends’ dates
  • Also, a surprise activity element!

How can I get mine?

Bala Dainandini will be available starting March 2021. Contact your local Shakha/Balagokulam to get yours!