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Bala Sanghik in Indiana

Bala Sanghik in Indiana/Kentucky Vibhag ( Great Lakes Sambhag )

On Feb 28th, 2021 kids from all six shakhas (Omkar, Shivaray, Sanskar, Prerana, Sadhana and Samskruti) in the Chetak Vibhag came together virtually for the first ever “Bala Sanghik” for the Greatlakes sambhag.

As an invocation, all the kids chanted Ganesh vandana together.Vibhag Bala Pramukh, Smt.Sreemala ji Murthy welcomed all participants and emphasized the importance of the event to bring everyone together as one big family and briefed about the crisply planned event schedule to follow. Sambhag Bala Pramukh, Sri.Ramesh ji Madhu, gave maargadarshan about how HSS Bala activities provide great learning opportunities to combine the best values from Hindu heritage and American society. According to their gana, kids were assigned to two different rooms

(Shishu – 5 to 8 years and Bala – 9 and above). In each of these rooms were two-three shikshaks.

Both ganas started off with fun e-khels conducted by Kishores. Next, Shishus had katha and related drawing & art activity, while Bala had very engaging, intellectually challenging questions to express their knowledge of Hindu Dharma. The last activity were Kahoot quizzes, which were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. The hour long session concluded with shanti mantra.

Here ths Sankhya of the event : The sankhya was: 40 Balas, 32 shishu, 3 kishore volunteers, 6 Bala shikshaks, 3 shakha karyavahas, 3 Vibhag adhikaris and Sambhag Bala Pramukh.

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