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Parent Says

“Our Balagokulam chapter adopted a city park and a road. Our whole family enjoys the cleanup work along with other families. It is like get-together for community service. Thanks to Balagokulam for teaching my kids the importance and joy of service to local community"

Sachin Joshi, Cary, NC

"It’s an honor to be a small part of this major effort. Thanks for the opportunity to give back to the society in general and to the future generations in particular. Kudos to all those who were involved. Great teamwork."

Devakanth Roshan, Parent and Volunteer, Memphis, TN

HSS, a great thing happened to me in USA. Not just to me but also to my kids. Learning about Bharat, Yoga, Suryanamaskar with fun games and what not keeping every one connected to roots, culture and traditions. I have met talented people to get guidance. My daughters participate and enjoy in every program that is organized by HSS. Thank You HSS.

Sreekanth Patnam, Greenwood Village, Denver, CO

I want my kids to understand our rich Indian traditions, values and culture. I want them to feel proud of it which we alone as parents can't do it. Shakha helps teach them this.

Lakshmi Venkatachalam, San Jose, CA

Attending Balagokulam sessions has truly been an enriching experience for my daughter. All the activities planned within the sessions including the shlokas, geet, stories, discussions and games are all oriented around the kids’ age group and interests embedded with our beautiful Hindu ideologies. There has never been a dull moment and a lot of learning coupled with fun which encourages the regularity to attend & stokes the kids’ inner learning appetite!

Lakshmi Venkatachalam, San Jose, CA

I am the parent of a child who is attending Dharma Bee online Shakha. As a parent I feel so great as my kid is learning the Hindhu Dharma and its importance. This is really a very good platform for kids to learn ancient Hindu values, Yoga sutras, Hindu temples and stories from epics. He is also having fun with the games and fun puzzles that are held. Thank you so much.

Haripriya, Sacramento, CA

Both my son and I have learned value for people and community. Most importantly, Vihaan started to know that Shakha means not just one hour of discipline, surya namaskar, khel and shloka. It's a path of living and leading a good life with spiritual as well as practical values. with Shakha, we know the meaning of extended family. As an Indian parent in the USA, we know it's hard to drive our cultural values into our kids. But, our shakha family makes it simple and interesting.

Mayuri Kulkarni, Sun Prairie, WI

Balagokulum, I believe is a overall transformative process that focuses on all aspects of child development. Kids learn yoga, shlokas, stories, art & craft work and especially games where they learn to remove inhibitions, get involved, experience team work and enjoy.

Sitaram Koppaka

Most of the cultural activities are targeted either for children or for adults, but balagokulam is an exception. It is a place where my entire family can participate, play together and learn Hindu values in a very fun filled environment. I always look forward to our weekly gathering.

Radhika, Sterling VA

"My kids learned about the Hindu festivals not just by reading about them but actually practicing the deeper meaning of it. We tied Rakhi to police, fire fighters, elected officials by visiting and thanking them. I say that is the true leaning"

Manohar Chintala, Apex, NC


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FAQs for Parents

What is the importance of nurturing Hindu values in kids outside India?
Hindus are inheritors of the greatest and oldest legacy of humankind, Sanatana Dharma, the Eternal Truth. While the rest of the world’s ancient civilizations have crumbled and fallen, while the rest of the world’s people look at their past and find it strange and alien, we as Hindus can still read the ancient scriptures of Bharat and find wisdom. We as Hindus can still visit the ancient temples of Bharat and worship the deities there. Bharat has been the guardian of the Eternal Truth, and our ancestors lived and loved and struggled and died to ensure that this legacy would remain for you to enjoy and experience, to preserve and propagate.  
Hindu children in the US also question and seek answers about their identity and the heritage they belong to. America is a melting pot of cultures and values diversity. As Hindu Americans and heirs to such a rich heritage, it is their responsibility to bring those values and practice in the American context as well. 
Why HSS Balagokulam is right place?
The task of sustaining Hindu culture in our next generation is so huge that no single individual or organization could do it alone. We do recognize, respect, learn from and share with the children’s activities run by various organizations. 
HSS Balagokulam focuses on not just learning stories and shlokas but on building personal sanskaar and also social sanskaar. Social consciousness and awareness, giving time for the society, building leadership skills, understanding and answering children’s ‘why-s’, ‘how-s’, and  relevance in today’s context are stressed through various Balagokulam activities. 
To add, HSS Balagokulam is not just for children but entire family. This emphasizes the family atmosphere (rather than a classroom setting) making it very casual, fun and organic. 
Is Balagokulam once week only? Any other activities Balagokulam offers?
HSS Balagokulam is an hour and half program, once a week. 
There are many other activities such as Hindu festival celebrations, sewa/community service opportunities, camps, picnics, opportunities to connect with local community including schools and city councils, quiz contests, to name a few. 
Do parents need to attend HSS Balagokulam?
HSS Balagokulam highly encourages and emphasizes that participants attend as family for several reasons. 
Children are influenced by the people in their lives – especially the adults who are important to them, such as parents. Children learn more by imitating their role models and parents are their first role models. 
A mix of all age groups including children and adults brings a more organic family atmosphere rather than a classroom feel which is important when talking about learning and inculcating values and sanskaar
Activities are specifically planned for adults as well; after all, parents can also benefit from learning and participating in various activities.
No Balagokulam nearby, what should I do?
Start one! The only things required to start a new one are: passion and time! We will help you and the local team there to develop skills to conduct a Balagokulam, as well as provide all the necessary support for its sustenance by providing resources and frequent visits by our Karyakartas* (volunteers). We also conduct special workshops specifically for the skill development of new Shikshaks* (teachers).
You can also contact us to learn about other opportunities/projects that you could help with remotely. 
Can I volunteer at Balagokulam even if no children from my home attend Balagokulam?

Of course! Just contact us through the volunteer signup on home page or email us at [email protected]