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Boom Snap Clap

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Boom, Snap, Clap

A percussion khel


Beats Notes

  • Boom – one open pat near left shoulder (right shoulder for left-handed people)
  • Snap – regular snap with right or left hand
  • Clap – regular clap
  • BuhBoom – one quick short Boom quickly followed by another Boom

Mix Beats to make tunes

  • Says beats like Boom-Snap-Clap-BuhBoom, Boom-Snap-Clap-BuhBoom,
    Boom-Clap while doing these actions along.
  • See that everyone is saying and doing in the right way
  • Make more beats as above by mixing notes
  • See that everyone “gets it” and can follow both beat sound and action


  • Now deliberately do wrong action for the beat note and see what action everyone is doing (like Doctor ji, Neta ji, Gandhi ji, Guru ji khel)
  • Whoever does the wrong action is “out”
  • Let someone else be the shikshak/leader



  • Replace Boom with Jai, Snap with Shree and Clap with Ram
  • Now tune can be – Jai Shree Ram, Jai Shree Ram, Shree Ram Shree Ram Jai Jai Jai.

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