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CD Wind Chime/Bell
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CD Wind Chime/Bell


Material Required:

2 CDs gone waste (shiny on both sides or printed on side), OM sticker, unfinished wind chime or a small bell (from the craft store or dollar store), beads, sequins etc. for decoration, hot glue gun or any good bonding glue, thin golden lace about 15 inches.


Remove the upper show piece part of the wind chime. Keep the rods attached to its disc. Tie the two ends of the golden lace to the wind chime. Now you have the chime hanging on a 7-inch loop of the lace. Put OM stickers on the shiny side of the CD to cover the center. Take the 2 CDs with OM sides facing out and the printed side (if it has one) held facing each other. Lay one CD down with the golden lace on it in such a way that the chime is at the bottom and some part of the loop showing on top for hanging.

Now put strong glue over it and place the other CD on top in the manner explained above. After it has dried, decorate around the OM. Our project is now ready to be hung anywhere you want.


If you have a CD that is glossy on both sides take an adult’s help to make 2 holes diagonally opposite near its edges. Make holes by heating a slim nail on a burner and piercing it thru the CD. Stick OM stickers to cover the center of the CD on both sides. From one end you hang a chime or a bell and the other end to put some loop for hanging the project. Decorate around the OM.

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Exercise with Fun

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