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Make your own Shiva-Linga
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Make your own ShivaLinga


This project may be little difficult. Take adult’s help if needed. But this one becomes very strong once dried and is waterproof.


 Material RequiredWhite bread, Elmer’s glue, black acrylic paint, small flowers, yellow color, etc for decoration.



  1. Take off the crusts from 4 slices of bread and tear into very small pieces.
  2. Add 3 tsp of glue and 2 to 3 tsp of black paint and keep mixing until the dough has the consistancy of chappati dough. Add a little more of glue or paint if required. Remove dough stuck to you hands and take little of oil to knead it (like in chapati dough). Once the dough is kneaded smooth wrap it up in plastic wrap and wash your hands clean.
  3. Now take 2-3 drops of oil and smear on your hands. Take 1/3 rd of the dough and roll into an egg shape, flatten one end. This is the Linga.
  4. Take little more about 1 inch dough and keep aside. The rest flatten with rolling pin and cut the shape of the Jaladhari as seen in the picture.
  5. With the leftovers from the cut knead and roll into a rope so as to make the border of the Jaladhari. Place the Linga in the centre of the Jaladhari with some glue and set it firm. The Shiva-linga is ready. After this dries draw the gandha (yellow) and place some decorative flowers and a leaf cut as a bilwapatra.


This project dries hard and and is waterproof.

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