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Story of Markandeya


Characters: Markandeya, Mrikandu, Marudvati, Shiva, Yama.

*More characters may be added as per need.


Marudvati: Oh, how I wish I had a child. Someone I can love more dearly and the remover of all my sorrows.

Mrikandu: What you say is true Marudvati. I also long desire a child for both of us. Bhagwaan Shiva is very kind and compassionate to his devotees and will surely grant us a child.

Mrikandu: (Pouring water on Shiva Lingam!) Om Namah Shivay x5

Shiva: Open your eyes dear devotee. I am pleased with you, Mrikandu. Tell me, do you want a hundred sons, who will live for a long time, but will all be foolish? Or, do you want one very intelligent son, who will live for only sixteen years?

Mrikandu: Hai Bhagwaan, please give me the intelligent son.

Shiva: Good! You shall have him.

**many years later**

Markandeya [upset]: Father, I have been noticing that you seem to become sadder and more upset as the days pass by. What is the matter?

Mrikandu: You are about to reach 16 and I am in fear of losing you. When your mother and I were blessed with such an intelligible son like you, there was a condition that you will only live until 16 years. This is what distresses me day and night.

Markandeya: You only once said that Bhagwan Shiva never keeps his devotees upset. I shall pray to him and please him with my utmost devotion. He will surely come to save me.

*Builds a shivlingam near the sea-shore.

Markandeya: Okay, let me now begin my bhajans for the day.

Yama: Stop your bhajan! You boy! Your life in this world is over. Be ready to die.

*Clings on to the shivlingam bravely

Markandeya: No, I have full faith in Bhagwan Shiva, he will come and rescue me for sure.

*Appears from behind as if to show he has come from inside the shivlingam

Shiva: Stop Yama. This boy has pleased me with his love and devotion towards me. He shall live forever!

*Returns home, takes the blessing of parents and embraces them

Markandeya: Father, mother, your worries for my life shall be allayed. Bhagwan Shiva has given me the blessings of living forever. I will always seek his blessings with full compassion and love. He has saved me, but more importantly taken away your worries!



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