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Niyuddha – Musti Prahar

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Musti Prahar



Musti = fist

Prahar  = strike

Musti Prahar is strike with fist in Nityddha. There are three basic targets we practice in Musti Prahar:


Naasika (Nose): This prahar is called Nassika Prahar
Surya Chakra (Solar Plexus): This prahar is called Surya Chakra Prahar
Jatara/Naabhi (Abdomen): This prahar is called Jatara Prahar



  • During the strike, the fist should be as shown in here:

  • The elbow should not be completely straight. It should be little bend to have strength in the hand.


Musti Prahar includes all 3 prahars alternately. Total 6 prahars (each prahar 2 times)


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