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Na Abhisheko Na Samskraha

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Na Abhisheko Na Samskraha
न अभिषेको  न संस्कार:, सिम्हस्य क्रियते वने |
विक्रमार्जित सत्वस्य, स्वयमेव मृगेन्द्रता ||
Na Abhisheko, Na Samskraha, Simhasya kriyate vanae |
Vikramarjita satvasya, Svayameva mrugendrata ||
There is no official coronation ceremony held to declare lion king of jungle. He becomes king by his own attributes and heroic actions.
Message: “We win by our own efforts”. Since we win by our own efforts, if we want peaceful and harmonious society, we the whole society has to “act”.


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