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Narasyabharanam Rupam


नरस्याभरणं  रूपं

 रुपस्याभरणं  गुणाः ।

गुणस्याभरणं  ज्ञानं 

ज्ञानस्याभरणं  क्षमा ॥



narasyābharaṇaṃ rūpaṃ

rūpasyābharaṇaṃ guṇaḥ |

guṇasyābharaṇaṃ jñānaṃ

jñānasyābharaṇaṃ kshamā ||



Meaning: being handsome is the ornament of a man; quality is the ornament of handsomeness; knowledge is the ornament of quality; forgiveness is the ornament of knowledge.


Extended Meaning: For a man to be “handsome” they must be able to forgive. If one can forgive, then one can gain knowledge. If one has knowledge, then they are considered high quality. If one is considered high quality, then only can one be considered handsome. The subhashitam is emphasizing that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Only a person with a good character and virtues will be considered handsome. 




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