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Niyuddha – Prayog Siddha

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Prayog Siddha



Prayog Siddha is the basic starting siddha (i.e. position) for prayog (applying/using) of the Niyuddha techniques. 

  • Start Niyuddha Siddha (see Niyuddha Siddha page).
  • Bring your right leg to meet the left leg. Keep hands on guard.
  • Slide right leg back creating an inverted ‘7’. Keep the distance between the legs similar to that of Niyuddha Siddha.
  • Shoulders and sight (Drushti) should remain facing the front.
  • Bend the front leg slightly for support and bend the back leg for balance and support.
  • Hands should be relaxed but raised in fists to defend middle and upper section of body (left hand higher than right hand as left foot is in front).


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