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Shiva weds Parvati
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Shiva weds Parvati


Narrator: This is the palace of the king Himavat. Menaka is his wife. Menaka had a baby. Every one in the palace is very happy.

( We will have small REAL baby on the stage.)

An elderly lady: Oh! It’s a girl. Very cute. Let’s call her Parvati.

Narrator: years went by and Parvati grew up to be a beautiful girl.

( Now Parvati comes on stage)
Menaka ( To parvati): Parvati, it’s time you get married.

Parvati: Oh! Mother ( she feels very shy. Show that in action )

Menaka (To Himavat): You should find a suitable boy for Parvati

Himavat: I know, but I cannot think of any one worthy enough.

Narrator: One day sage Narada visited Himavat

( Narada enters singing Narayana Narayana and has a tamboora in his hand)

Narada: Narayana, Narayana.

Himavat: Parvati, come here. Sage Narada has come.

Parvati: Coming father

Narada (To Himavat): Himavat, your daughter will marry none other than mighty Lord Shiva

( Narada leaves the palace singing Narayana, Narayana)

Himavat: But, Shiva is sitting in deep meditation. OH! (An idea flashed to him)

Himavat (to Menaka): Menaka, I’l send paravati to serve Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva cannot resist her charms.

Menaka: Great Idea!

Himavat: Parvati, come here

Parvati: Coming father.

Himavat: Parvati, will you serve Lord Shiva with your friends ?

Parvati: Okay father. We have seen him in the forest doing penance. Let’s go.

Narrator: They all came to Lord Shiva

Himavat(To Shiva): Lord, you have no one to help you. My daughter Parvati can help you

Shiva: Let them help. I’m greatful for your help.

Narrator: Parvati started serving Shiva with great interest.

( Parvati and her friends clean the place and start collecting flowers )

Shiva: Parvati, have you collected the flowers for the Pooja ?

Parvati: Here they are my Lord.

(Parvati takes the broom stick to clean the place)

Mahima(Parvati’s friend): Parvati, come on, let’s play

Parvati: One moment. Let me clean Lord’s prayer seat first.

( Parvati fanned Shiva gently when he was doing meditation )

Narrator: Paravati started loving Shiva with all her heart. Meanwhile, there was trouble in heaven. Taraka, the wicked demon was troubling the gods and people. Indra, the king of gods, went to Brahma and begged for help. Brahma said, “I’m helpless. A son born to Shiva and Parvati can kill Taraka. No one else can”. So, Indra went to Kama.

Kama: What can I do for you my Lord ?

Indra: I want you to tempt Shiva to fall in love with Parvati.

Kama: Okay. (Looking at his wife Rati), Rati, come on. Let’s go.

( They come to Shiva and started dancing to disturb Shiva’s penance. We can have background music and Kama and Rati can dance.)

Shiva: (Showing great anger on his face) Who is disturbing my penance ?

Narrator: Lord Shiva opened his third eye and Kama was burnt to ashes.

Parvati: I have failed to impress Lord Shiva. I’ll go back to my father’s place.

(Parvati leaves for her father’s house)

Rati: Of what use is my life without Kama ? I’ll also die.

Narrator: A heavenly voice stopped her.

Heavenly voice: “Hold on Rati. Parvati will win Shiva by penance and on their wedding day, your husband will come to life again.

Narrator: In the palace of Himavat..

Parvati( to Menaka): Mom, my beauty has failed to impress Lord Shiva. I’ll do penance and win Shiva this time.

Narrator: Parvati wore a simple dress and started doing penance. She slept on cold damp and ate nothing for days. With great devotion, she was worshipping Lord Shiva.

( parvati will be sitting and chanting “Om namah Shivaaya..”)

Narrator: One day, a Brahmin came to her

(Parvati gets up and bows to him)

Brahmin: Parvati, why are you taking all these troubles ?

Parvati: I’m devoted to Lord Shiva.

Brahmin: Go home girl. Shiva is not good enough for you.

Parvati: STOP. Do not talk about my Lord like that. He is a great man.

Narrator: That Brahmin was none other than Lord Shiva himself. (Brahmin leaves and Shiva comes on stage)

Shiva: Oh Parvati, I’m pleased with your devotion and Penance. I shall marry you.

Narrator: years went by. A beautiful boy was born to Shiva and Parvati. His name was Kartikeya. Kartikeya grew up to be a strong man.

In the war, he led the gods and killed the demon Taraka ( The battle takes place, as he narrates)

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Exercise with Fun

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