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King Shivaji and Tanaji
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King Shivaji and Tanaji


Shivaji – King                                                                                              Jijabai- Shivaji’s Mother
Moropant – Member of Shivaji’s Advisory council                              Tanaji – Shivaji’s Commander
Suryaji – Tanaji’s brother                                                                           Kondana – Name of the Fort
Two soldiers


Scene 1

(Shivaji with his mother Jijabai and advisory council discussing politics)
Shivaji – [firm voice, stress on every words] We must capture kondana by hook or crook!
Moropant – [politely] Maharaj ! agree!! [depressed!!] But it is very difficult to capture this fort. It is very big and surrounded by hills and jungle.
Shivaji – Moropant, I know it is very difficult to capture. But I need this fort under our control. This fort will be a good protection of our kingdom.
Jijabai – I agree with Shivaba. But who can do this job? Who has that strength and courage?(all are thinking)
Shivaji – [suddenly] How about Tanaji!! Tanaji is brave, courageous and smart. He will definitely get this fort.
Moropant – Excellent choice, Maharaj!! Tanaji will definitely capture this fort and come back.
Shivaji to Soldiers – [orders] Sainik !! Go to Tanaji and ask him to see me.

(Soldiers go to Tanaji’s house, give him message that Maharaj wants to see him. Tanaji is busy in managing his son’s marriage. But as soon as he gets message, he puts everything aside and goes to Shivaji to see him. Tanaji arrives)


Scene 2

Tanaji – [politely] Maharaj ! I am at your service. On your command !!
Shivaji – [affectionately] Tanaji ! come here! Sit with me. (quietness for a second and then with firm voice) I am giving you a big responsibility. [Tanaji little puzzled, eager to know what is going on]. I am sending you to capture kondana. Are you ready for that?
Tanaji – [full of joy] Ji Maharaj ! Yes. I am ready. I am honored.
(Jijabai learns that Tanaji is busy in his son’s marriage. She arrives)
Jijabai – No..No… Wait. Shivaba ! I just came to know that Tanaji’s son Rayaba getting married next week. We should not send him on this battle.
Shivaji – [surprisingly, joyful voice) Oh ! Tanaji ! This is a great news. Why didn’t you tell me? You stay back. I will find another person to capture this fort.
Tanaji – [depressed, disagree] No.. No. Maharaj! I am going to get this fort.
Shivaji – But Tanaji, how can I send you when you are busy in Rayaba’s marriage!!?? No.. No.. I can not do this. I will find another person.
Tanaji – Maharaj! I must give first priority to Nation’s work. Rayaba’s marriage can wait. He can get married later. (with firm and loud voice) “Adhi Lagin Kondanyach, Mag Rayabach”
Shivaji – Shabbas !! Tanaji, I am proud of you.
Tanaji – [request] Maharaj, allow me to take my brother, Suryaji, with me. We together can easily capture this fort.
Shivaji – OK. Tanaji. You take your brother with you. Once you capture this fort, I will personally attend your son’s marriage.(Tanaji goes away)
Shivaji – MaSaheb !! I have commanders like Tanaji that is why I could establish my kingdom.
Jijabai – Correct Shivaba. They are the pearls of your kingdom.


Scene 3

(Tanaji and Suryaji captures the fort Kondana, but Tanaji sacrifices his life)(Shivaji, his advisory council, Jijabai are discussing.. One soldier arrives.)

Soldier – [happy. Excited] Maharaj!! Maharaj!! (breathing heavily.)
Shivaji – [eagerly] What happened, Sainik. Tell me what happened!! What news have you brought?
Soldier – (now controlling his breath!!, but still excited) – Maharaj !! good news. We have won Kondana.

(Shivaji and his advisory coucil overjoyed. Some of them dancing. Jijabai is also happy, but patient not excited)

Shivaji and his advisory Council – Hurray!! That is a great news. Now Kondana is ours.
Shivaji – (murmurs) But where is my Tanaji? Why didn’t he see me?
Shivaji – Sainik, Where is Tanaji? I want to hear this good news from him. Where is he? Tell me, Sainik where is he?

Soldier – [very sad, hesitating] Maharaj!! How can I tell you? Our Tanaji.. (sobbing). Our Tanaji sacrificed his life in the battle.
Shivaji – [shocked] Oh! No. I can’t believe. This is very unfortunate. Tell me, Sainik, “What exactly happened?”
Soldier – Maharaj !! Tanaji fought very well. He and his only 60 soldiers climbed a cliff quietly to get into the fort. But enemy’s vigilance was great. They got alert. And there was big fight between Tanaji’s soldiers and enemy. At a time he was fighting with 10 soldiers. All enemies got killed or captured, but Tanaji was badly injured. He said: Tell Maharaj that I have kept my word. I have won Kondana. [everyone shocked and sad. Jijabai recovers].
Jijabai – Tanaji died well. He gave his life for the Nation.
Shivaji – [sadly] MaSaheb ! Today, I have won Kondana, but lost my lion. “Gad Aala Pan Simha Gela”.

(Shivaji renames Kondana Fort to Sinha-Gad)

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Exercise with Fun

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