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Shivaji’s Justice
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King Shivaji’s Justice


Characters :-
Shivaji Raje- a King                                                       Yesaji – Commander of Shivaji Raje
Jijabai – Shivaji’s Mother                                               Patil – Chief of a village Ranze
Farmers – 2 or 3 Farmers


Expressions are given in square brackets [ ].


Frequently Shivaji Raje along with his men used to go around in his province. People shout excitedly “SHIVAJI MAHARAJ” as they see their king. Whenever Shivaji Raje visits any province, he enquires about the problems of villagers.


Scene 1

In this event, Shivaji Raje is affectionately enquiring about people’s problems.
Farmers to Shivaji – Raje ! we are facing an severe problem of water scarcity. It is been too hot this year. Our crops are getting dried. We are really worried about our crops.
Shivaji – Yes, I am aware of this problem and I have talked to yesaji about it.
Shivaji to Yesaji – Yesaji ! Make the arrangements and give them some help.
Farmers – (together raising their hands) Shivaji Maharaj Ki Jay ! (Farmers turn back and go away)
Shivaji – [Murmuring] I am really worried, monsoon should be good or else we are going to face many serious problems. This is the second consecutive year of water scarcity.
Yesaji – Don’t worry, Maharaj. It is not as worse as last year.
Shivaji – let’s turn back, MaSaheb is waiting for us.

(Shivaji and his soldiers are about to leave. Suddenly a man comes in their way. He is disgusted and frustrated)
Man – [in a shrill voice] Maharaj !! Please help me. I am doomed. Give me justice.
Shivaji – What happened? Why are you so agitated and worried?
Man – [crying, in a sad tone] Raje !! my daughter was abused and then murdered.
Shivaji – [shocked !!] What? How could this happen in my kingdom? Are you telling the truth? Who did that ?
Man – [scared !!!] I am scared of him ! I can not take his name.
Shivaji – [consoling, convincing] Don’t be scared! I will protect you. Tell me his name.
Man – [still scared, in… voice] Raje ! he is no other, but Patil of my village.
Shivaji to Yesaji – (turns to Yesaji) Yesaji !!! Ask patil to see me at once. If he refuses, arrest him.
(Yesaji goes away to Patil’s village)


Scene 2

Yesaji to Patil – [orders ] Patil ! Come with me at once. Maharaj wants to see you.
Patil – [arrongtly] Who Maharaj? What Maharaj? I do not recognize any Maharaj.
Yesaji – [with raising hands] Patil ! This is my last warning!! If you do not come, I will have to arrest you.

Patil – Go to hell!! I am not going with you.
(Yesaji with the help of soldiers forcefully grabs him and cuffs him. Patil is shouting and trying to escape)


Scene 3

(Shivaji is sitting on his throne, discussing politics with other ministers and his mother Jijabai. Yesaji comes in)

Yesaji – Maharaj ! I have brought Patil with me. I had to forcefully arrest him.
Shivaji – [in commanding voice] Bring him in front of me.
(Yesaji brings Patil in. Patil hand-cuffed, tired, angry and agitated)

Shivaji – (high pitch) Patil ! What am I hearing? Is it true? Did you abuse farmer’s daughter.
Patil – [arrongtly, shameless] So what? I am Patil. I can and I will do anything I like.
Shivaji – This is my kingdom. I can not tolerate this. You must be punished.
Shivaji to Yesaji – [orders] Yesaji !! Take this man away. Cut both his hands and legs. That is what his punishment. Do it ! right away!
Yesaji – Ji Raje !!
Patil – [now scared, starts crying] Maharaj ! Please forgive me this time. I won’t do it again. Do not punish me so hard.

[Patil is crying continuously. Yesaji drags him away and cut his hands and legs. Patil shouting.. AH.AH ). (Ministers and Jijabai are shaken by this incident. They disagree with Shivaji’s decision. They think punishment was too harsh.)

Jijabai to Shivaji – Shivaba !! Don’t you think this was too harsh punishment for him? You should have spared him giving mild punishment?
Shivaji – [respectfully] No.. No MaSaheb !! I did the right thing. In my kingdom, women are most respected. I can not tolerate anyone hurting them. Otherwise what will be the difference between my reign and Muslims reign?? Now no one will dare to do such a thing.

(Jijabai and other ministers are convinced and happy).

Jijabai – Shabbas, Shivaba !! I am proud of you.

Other Ministers – [hails Shivaji] Shivaji Maharaji Ki Jay !! Hara Hara Mahedev !!! Jay Bhavani, Jay Shivaji !!

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