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Sudama and Krishna
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Sudama and Krishna


Narrator : In the ashram of Rishi Sandeepany both Krishna and Sudama were classmates. After the gurukula abhyas was over. Both krishna and Sudama parted biding tearful farewell to each other.
Sudama was very poor and lived on charity. After he was married not only he but his wife too did not have enough to eat and wear. They lived in a small shack, contended with what they had and his wife served him with lot of devotion. Days passed and now they had children to look after. 

Scene 1 :

Sudama’s wife once gently approached Sudama and said..

Sudama’s wife: We have not eaten anything last two days. The children are hungry too.

Sudama : What shall I do?

Sudama’s wife: Lord Krishna, master of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth is your dear friend. To those who love him and worship him sincerely he gives his own self. Why don’t you ask him for some help?

Sudama : He is a king now I hope he remembers me. Ok…..i will go and meet him.
Give me something to take for my friend krishna.

Narrator: wife prepares some puffed rice and bundles it in an old torn piece of cloth and gives it to Sudama.

Sudama all along the way thinks of Shri krishna and feels blessed that he would be meeting his dear friend again. He chants “Om namo bhagavate Vasudevaya”……..
When Sudama reaches Dwaraka he is all excited to meet Lord Krishna. He reaches the gates of the palace and walks in ……….


Scene 2:
Guard 1: Who are you? You cannot go inside?

Sudama: I am krishna’s friend, Sudama

Guard 2: Ha…Ha..(laughs) Are you crazy? Look at yourself?

Guard 1: You cannot be Lord Krishna’s friend ! Go away……


Scene 3:

Krishna along with Rukmini, his wife are enjoying the dance(raas leela). Suddenly Krishna gets up, leaves the court and runs towards the gates.

Guard 3: Maharaj a poor man is standing outside and calling himself your friend.

Krishna: (runs) Oh Sudama where have you been all this time. I missed you. How are you?

Sudama: (with tears of hapiness) Oh Krishna (hugs him) I have been thinking of you all the time. How are you? Its been so long. My eyes have yearned to see you……


Scene 4:

Rukmini: I have never seen Krishna so happy before!

Krishna: Come here my friends, please sit down

Krishna: Get me some warm water to wash the feet of my dear friend he must be really tired.
Krishna: Pour some water let me wash my beloved friend’s feet.


Narrator: Krishna and Rukmini with great devotion and love wash the feet of Sudama.Give him refreshments while Rukmini fanned him.All the courtiers wondered why Krishna gave such special treatment to a ragged old man.

Krishna: (teasingly) What have you got for me ? what is that in your hand…….

Sudama: (shy and surprised) where……no…nothing…

Krishna: I know you have something for me….give me.
(Krishna takes the bag of puffed rice from Sudama)

Krishna: Ah… got puffed rice for me ? ( opening the bag and eating all of it) this is so good. I have never tasted food such good in years.

Rukmini: My lord don’t eat everything now it is not good for your stomach. Keep some for tomorrow.
Narrator: That night Sudama slept like a king in Krishna’s palace. Next morning he bade his friend an affectionate farewell . His heart overflowing with love Sudama proceeded on his journey home.
Sudama reaches his village and finds a magnificient palace in the place of his hut and thinks he has lost his way. But his wife and children welcome him .

Sudama’s wife: My lord look at all this. We are all rich again.

Sudama: This is all Lord Krishna’s leela. He is great ….he know everything.


Sudama realised that all this was Krishna ‘s gift to him. Thereafter he and his wife lived a pure life avoiding excesses inspite of their wealth serving the needy.

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