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Toran for festival

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Door decors have traditionally great importance in our life. In any season, you can decorate your home door in a traditional way, more so during festival times. It is an easy and interesting activity to make ‘Torans’ at home.

Time For the activity: 15-20 min

Things needed: Green colored craft paper, cord / string, foam flowers, glue, glitter and scissor

How to make:
Usually, Torans are made from the fresh flowers and leaves. However, in this project, we are going to make leaves from craft paper and use foam flowers.

Step 1: Fold a 16″ square green colored craft paper in such a way that 4 folds are made on top of one other. Draw a leaf on the paper with pencil and carefully cut the leaf shape with scissor. Draw a vine on each leaf with the glue and put the glitter on it. Now the leaf is ready with the glittered vines. This step will make 4 leaves. Make as many as you might need.

Step 2: Tie the leaves to the cord at equal distance from each other. In between the two leaves, glue or staple the foam flowers on the cord. You can decorate the flowers with another small flower or with glitter.

Your toran is ready for hanging.