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Toran made of computer CDs
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Toran made of computer CDs



1) 5 discarded CDs. Green felt (36”by 36”) , yellow or orange (12” by 9”)

2) cantalope / watermelon seeds / pistachio shells or any seeds for decoration.

3) beads, small mirrors, toothpicks or popcicle sticks,

4) 3D paint (silver, copper), nail polish, lace or satin ribbon

5) Picture or small light icon of Lord Ganesha.

6) jute rope, hot glue gun, tacky glue



1) Cut the green felt sheet 7” by 36” and fold it half lengthwise press and keep aside.

2) On one CD, stick Lord Ganesha picture or icon on the lower half and decorate with felt cutouts and seeds

3) Color Ganesha icon with 3D paint on brush or with similar metallic nail polish

4) Glue a bead on one end of the tooth pick and stick it on the CD from center to outwards using hot glue gun.

5) Cut 9 small yellow/orange felt circles about 2” diameter and stick one on the back of Ganesha CD and on both sides of the remaining 4 Cds.

6) Decorate the circles with 3D paint with ‘Om’ on two of them and ‘Swastika’ on other two. Arrange the 5 CDs in symmetry with Ganesha CD in the centre.

8) Glue 1/3 of one side of CDs into the fold of the green felt with hot glue.

9) Pass a jute or similar rope across the felt for support for hanging. Now glue the other side of the CD into the fold. Decorate the green felt with mirrors and 3D paint.

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Exercise with Fun

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