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Domains & Dimensions of a family


Family is a manmade institution and like any other institution or organizations, it also has its own domains and dimensions. It has 5 domains as part of its functioning.

  • Transactions
  • Emotional Environment
  • Administration
  • Community
  • Growth


Let us examine them one by one.


Similar to any other organization, family also d various types of transactions. For example, economic activities happens in family and they do economic transactions. This call the dimensions of the domain. Here is a list of Transaction domain.

  • Decision Making
  • Economic Transaction
  • Assertiveness


Who can understand administration better than parents in the family. Family teaches Equality and Planning as part of the family administration. These are the two dimensions of this domain.


A Community require social interaction. Family provide Social Participation to its members. It also provide Religious perspective to create and nourish the community. These two dimensions play an important role in family and works as a building block or healthy community overall.


Each member in the society has a need for growth. Family provide environment for Growth opportunities as well as Coping Strategies in case of failures and issues.


In total we can say family has 5 domains with 10 dimensions that it operates under.