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"Being in the US, I needed to know why I am a Hindu and what that means. In shakha, I got to know there are many other kids like me who were also in search of this answer. I like to go to shakha because it helps me to understand "Who is a Hindu?" It teaches me to appreciate, learn and practice the Hindu way of life. I also learn a sense of discipline and responsibility in Shakha."

Ojas Yeolekar, Cincinnati, OH

"I go to shakha because I like to play games. I have learned how to do suryanamaskar, pranayam and say shlokas in Shakha. I also enjoy Ramayana stories and learn about history. I like to celebrate all festivals and understand the Indian culture. Dharmabee was one of my favorite programs."

Naman, Cincinnati, OH

"Shakha has made me more disciplined in the sense that something I never did, I do it now. Like I don't procrastinate as much as before. Shakha has taught me that the right time to do something is always now. All the morals I learn for our bauddhik and katha sessions, I try my best to apply them into my day to day life. After attending Shakha for a year and a half, I feel more connected to Indian culture and Hinduism than before."

Aarav Modey, Cumming, GA

"I go to shakha because I want to learn a lot about Hinduism. In every Balagokulam session, I learn something new about Sanatan Dharma! I also enjoy khel session, yoga and other activities in Balagokulam."

Dheeran Pranav and Thaarana, San Antonio, TX

"We like the physical fitness activities such as yoga and exercises, mental and social games conducted and various topics covered under for children. Shakha activities help us understand Hindu culture significantly."

Arohi and Sahil, Columbus, IN

"We gain spiritual knowledge, rituals, healthy lifestyle through Surya namaskara, Yoga and socialization with people. It is a great platform to build our personality."

Yashica and Atharva, Cupertino, CA

"I like going to Shakha because I get to meet so many friends and play with them. I also learn new Shlokas and get to know a lot of stories from India, Ramayan and about Krishna. I also learn about the festivals we celebrate. I made new friends, play lot of games and exercise. And my favorite part of Shakha are games and suryanamaskar."

Anvika, Portland, ME

"I first came to Abhimanyu shaka for Ganesh Murthy making in 2019. Since then I have been regularly attending shaka. I made friends with the other kids there. I get more opportunities to learn about Indian history and culture. I have also taken the lead in conducting games, reciting ekta mantra, prarthana and most recently boudhik session during our shakha. It is a great place to develop leadership, presentation skills and confidence."

Aanand Vishvambhar, Palatine, IL

"Shakha is like a family to me. I learned a lot of things in shakha, directly & indirectly by leading/participating in exercises, games, events, and Surya Namaskar. Playing games helps us get along with people and do things with people together. Shakha helps build discipline, how to follow and give instructions. Shakha also helps me learn about our culture through Balgokulam, bauddhik, and utsavs. It teaches us about important things we should know about Hindu Dharma through stories, shlokas, and festivals. I get to learn more about our roots in India, great things that happened."

Ridham Govind, San Diego, CA

"Its been more than 2 years that I have been attending Shivaji Shakha. I get to do the yoga/surya namaskar and learn gayatri mantra. Also I like to play games with my friends."

Sarayu Gudivada, Thornton, CO