Balagokulam is an initiative of HSSUS.ORG


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The purpose of the balagokulam



The purpose of Balagokulam is to enable and motivate our children to understand, practice and propagate Hindu way of living. As parents, we all strive to transfer the samskaras to our next generation so that they become confident Hindus.

In this effort, Balagokulam prepares our children to

  • Understand, comprehend, and equip themselves with dharmic qualities
  • Practice the values in their day to day life and
  • Propagate the learnings for the welfare of the surroundings thereby benefiting the entire samaj

Variety of subjects can be learnt by our children through educational institutions and other classes.  Various perspectives – be it economic, political, social can also be acquired through other channels. But what about Principles, Philosophies and the great culture that imparts life values? Have you ever thought of it?

Dharmic perspective which is indeed the essence of our human life has been well designed, appropriately drafted and is being delivered in a fun filled environment as part of the balagokulam activities to children across the country thereby preparing them to be an Ambassador of Hindu Dharma.

Let us not wait any more.  It’s time to sow the seed of Dharma in every child, soil it with sangha shakha environment, water it consistently with value based stories, slokas, arts and crafts, fertilize it through programs like Guru Vandana, Surya Namaskar Yagna, Raksha Bandhan, Sewa Diwali, family camps and watch it grow. No doubt!  You will be assured with the ripened teenager ready to face all opportunities and challenges in life while walking the path of Dharma.