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Story of Sea


A wave came on the seashore. She took away a child’s slippers with her. The child wrote with a finger on the sand – “The sea is a thief.”

On the other side of the same sea some fishermen caught a lot of fish. A fisherman wrote on the sand – “The sea is my God.”

A young man drowned in the sea and died. His mother wrote on the sand – “The sea is the killer.”

A poor old man on the other bank was walking on the sand with a crooked waist. He found precious pearls in a large oyster. He wrote on the sand- “The sea is donor.”

Suddenly a big wave came and wiped away all the writing.

Whatever the people say about the sea, but the vast sea remains cool in its waves. He sets his own pace and peace according to his own.

If you want to be as vast as sea, then do not pay attention to the decisions and opinion of others. Do whatever you want to do.
Do not worry about what has passed. Do not disturb the mind because of all these – win, lose, gain, happiness and sorrow. If life was full of happiness and peace, then man would not cry at birth. Whole Life is a struggle between crying at the time of birth and make people cry at the time of dead.