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  /  Why is everyone happy and I am not?

Lesson Why is everyone happy and I am not?


A newly married couple posted some beautiful  pictures from their honeymoon.

Aman, their unmarried friend, felt envy and sad looking at his own fate. He was getting over age but couldn’t find a partner  made him even more frustrated. Next month Aman posted a picture standing next to his brand new Black colored SUV. He was giving a curl to his mustaches, which added to the elegance of the picture.

The newly married couple who posted their honeymoon picture a month back, were suffering from financial crisis, they couldn’t even buy a basic car to start their married life. Looking at Aman’s picture with an expensive SUV, their heart sank deep.

After a week, one of their common couple friend posted a picture of their new flat. They were going through a rough patch in marriage. They were breathing less and fighting more. Parents had also been involved in their disputes several times. Life was like a hell for both of them. But still they got the delivery of their booked flat and also had to post a picture, to seek some satisfaction in the otherwise hollow life.

Seeing their pictures, Aman who purchased a car only to overcome his insecurities of not being able to buy a house, and not being married, broke down. The newly married couple, seeing this picture, lost all excitement of marriage life and felt as if they were the most miserable and poor people in the entire society. They started fighting over petty issues. A few other friends who were single and financially humble went in depression looking all the three pics.

Answering this question- *How do you exactly know that everyone is happy in their lives?*
Seeing pout pictures on social media? By meeting someone for minutes? Professional achievements? Laughing & smiling faces? New house or vehicles? Relationship status? Airport check-ins? Self-bragging? Good looks?

Wrong! If you judge this way, this is how you will emotionally go down in life. *Life is like a deep Ocean, and you can’t judge others people’s life by standing on the top of a cliff and simply looking down.* Try and jump inside and touch the bottom of any individual’s life to see how happy they are.  Or don’t judge! *Every individual has a few reasons to be happy and some to be sad.* Instead of peeping in other people’s lives, appreciate the reasons you have to be happy. God knows when they may leave you.

And please get out of this fake digital social media world, use social media only to pass some time and not to pass your life...✍