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Guru Vandana



What is Guru Vandana?


Guru, in Sanskrit, means Teacher, Spiritual master and a mentor. Vandana means Salutations. Guru Vandana means Salutations to the Teacher. That is to say, it is an expression of love, gratitude and reverence towards the teacher. 


Hindu Dharma has given at most importance to Guru, often compared to parents and the God. 

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Why are we celebrating Guru Vandana in the month of may?


The U.S. celebrates the first week of May as “teachers appreciation week” and Tuesday of the same week as “National Teachers Day”. Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, USA (HSS) organizes Guru Vandana events across the nation to honor teachers and their contribution in the society. 



How do we celebrate Guru Vandana?


We celebrate Guru Vandana by worshiping teachers by showing our gratitude to them.Hindu philosophy and culture considers the Guru as the “Supreme Being” who invokes the light of knowledge while eliminating the darkness of ignorance. 



How can I show my gratitude to the teachers?


We can show gratitude in the hindu way. We can perform aarti with kumkum on the forehead, offer flowers, and then offer sweets, followed by bowing down in front of the teacher. 



Do the teachers like it?


Yes, the teachers like it. Hindu Swayamsevak have been doing this Guru Vandana program for more than 10 years now.  The teachers who have come in the past really appreciated and liked the hindu way of honoring the teachers.



What else do we do during Guru Vandana?


The teachers always love to watch the cultural programs that include classical dances and music. In the previous years the children played bharatiya music in the western musical instruments. That program has received very positive feedback. Children also presented a cultural program where Sanskrit shlokas were recited in the honor of the Guru. The shlokas focused on the significance of the Guru, comparing the Guru to God, and pointing out the Guru’s role in achieving supreme knowledge. 



Can I invite my principal?


Yes, why not. We can invite the homeroom teachers, special area teachers , Math and Literacy Facilitator, Principal and Assistant Principal.



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