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  /  2021

Bala Sanghik in Indiana/Kentucky Vibhag ( Great Lakes Sambhag ) On Feb 28th, 2021 kids from all six shakhas (Omkar, Shivaray, Sanskar, Prerana, Sadhana and Samskruti) in the Chetak Vibhag came together virtually for the first ever “Bala Sanghik” for the Greatlakes sambhag. As an invocation, all the kids chanted Ganesh vandana together.Vibhag Bala Pramukh, Smt.Sreemala ji Murthy welcomed all participants and emphasized the importance of the event to bring everyone together as one big family and briefed about the crisply planned event schedule to follow. Sambhag Bala Pramukh, Sri.Ramesh ji Madhu,

HSS Dallas Vibhag Sewa Event in Recent Winter Storm HSS Dallas volunteers supported Bonham City residents after the severe impact post the snow storm last week. There was a drive through distribution of Hot meals, water and snacks to local residents. City officials highly appreciated all the help from sangha volunteers.   Here is some pictures of Event :    

Sewa International Distributes Hot Meals and Groceries in East San Jose: Helping People in Need in Pandemic Times Sewa volunteers with Nam Giao restaurant owner and  military personnel in San Jose, California San Jose, CA (June 25, 2020): Sewa International’s Bay Area Chapter distributed hot meals, groceries, and hygiene kits to more than 1000 people as well as schools-supply kits to children in a drive through distribution event held at the Nam Giao Restaurant in San Jose, CA on Friday, June 19 as part of its extensive COVID-19 relief efforts. This community outreach is

Report is divided in 3 parts in accordance with the 3 goals for SNY - 2021. (I) Participants:   (Goal - 20,000) - "Healthy families, Healthy communities"      Above chart captures the number of participants and Surya Namaskars from Sanghatan Shreni and Samaj Shreni (Various events and outreach efforts). Total SNY Participants: 4946 Total Surya Namaskars: 1025384 From the amount of activity and energy we generated before and during the SNY - 2021, the number of participants appears to be low, while the number of Surya Namaskars look Ok. Requesting all to revisit the reported sankhya from respective karmakshetra and